Viktoriia Nevskaia

My name is Viktoriia Nevskaia and I am a Fashion Studies student at Sapienza University of Rome. With a path full of experiences and determination, I have dedicated myself to the fascinating world of fashion, fueling my passion and aspiring for a successful career in the Italian fashion industry.

With more than seven years of experience as a fashion designer in Russia, Georgia and Montenegro, I had the privilege of honing my skills and gaining a global perspective on the fashion industry. My decision to further my qualifications at Sapienza University was motivated by my desire to further immerse myself in the fabric of Italian fashion, which is internationally recognized for its excellence and innovation.

My education has made me proficient in the art of stylism and fashion training, while my experiences in the field have provided me with a solid practical foundation. With a B2 level in English and A2 in Italian, I am determined to overcome language barriers to make meaningful connections and communicate effectively within the Italian fashion industry.

I have had the privilege of participating in fashion shows at prestigious fashion weeks in Russia, Georgia and Montenegro, where I contributed to the creation of unforgettable atmospheres and the realization of creative visions. My experiences in shooting for brands and magazines have provided me with a broad understanding of production and communication processes in the fashion industry, preparing me for ever new and exciting challenges.

Participating in this event represents an extraordinary opportunity for me to expand my connections in the Italian fashion industry, here in Rome, and to gain valuable experience that will allow me to build a career in a competitive environment. I am excited to share my passions, learn from creative minds and contribute to the vibrant Italian fashion scene.

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